School-Based Education

What local students have learned from the Healthy Relationships curriculum:
“My favorite part was how the lessons directly related to things we see everyday in the media. I never realized how unhealthy society is, and it made the lessons that much more real when I could take what I learned and apply it to things I see everyday.” – Erin, age 16
“The lessons gave me information about how not to be abusive and they taught me that I don’t have to be uncomfortable and that I can talk to someone about it.” – Tim, age 15

SAFEHOME’s Education and Prevention Program provides primary prevention to teens on the topics of dating and sexual violence. Middle school and high school is the time when youth learn to develop relationships with their friends, family and dating partners. The dynamics of these relationships lay a foundation for all of their relationships throughout their lifetime. It is essential that we take time to educate teens concerning the aspects of healthy and unhealthy relationships. SAFEHOME staff presents an 8-10 week curriculum on developing healthy relationships.

The curriculum lessons include:

  • Stereotypes and gender roles
  • Assertiveness and communication
  • Media influence
  • Sexual harassment
  • Online safety
  • Dating violence
  • Engaging bystanders

The curriculum is available to middle and high school students in the Johnson County area.
If you would like more information about implementing the Healthy Relationships curriculum in your school, please call 913.432.9300 and ask for the Education & Prevention Coordinator.
“I learned how to stay out of abusive relationships and learned more about healthy ones. I also learned different ways to communicate with my friends and peers.” – Keri, age 13