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“The Outrage”

“The Outrage has changed my life. I did not know what an abusive relationship was until “The Outrage,” and then I realized I had been in one. I want to prevent what happened to me from happening to others.”  - Maggie, age 17


“The Outrage” is an educational theatre performance piece that addresses the topics of teen dating violence and sexual assault in a candid, yet sensitive manner. High school students present current statistical information and depict realistic dating situations. Following the 20-minute performance, the high school student actors answer questions from the audience.

The information presented is valuable to any person who knows, or is, a teenager. One in five high school students reports being physically and/or sexually abused by a dating partner. Fifty-four percent of parents admit they have not talked to their child about dating violence.

If you would like to schedule a performance of “The Outrage,” please call 913.432.9300 and ask for “The Outrage” Coordinator.

There are three videos for you to view below.

The first, “The Outrage”: Introduction, is approximately 20 minutes long and provides context for the performance that follows.

The second, “The Outrage”: The Performance, is approximately 20 minutes long.

The third, “The Outrage”: Question & Answer, is approximately 15 minutes long and follows the performance. In this section, the high school actors answer questions from the audience.