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“There is not enough THANK YOU’s on earth that I could give all the staff and people at SAFEHOME for everything you have done for me. You helped me find myself again and that means the world to me. It feels so good to hear my family say how proud they are of me. I always say it’s a BIG THANK YOU to my hard work and the help SAFEHOME gave me. SAFEHOME taught me to have faith and confidence in myself and for that, I will NEVER forget any of you.” – Lauren

SAFEHOME’s shelter offers a confidential, safe and healing atmosphere for women and children to live, gain inner strength, build self-esteem and heal. Every year, more than 350 women and children find safety, help and hope at SAFEHOME’s shelter.

Leaving home and going to a shelter isn’t easy. If you aren’t sure that you want or need shelter, call our hotline at 913.262.2868. Our staff can answer questions and offer resources.

SAFEHOME’s shelter offers safe, supportive and accessible shelter accommodations to women and children.

Services are provided at no cost. All services are available in English and Spanish. Translators for other languages are provided when needed.

Victims of Domestic Violence with Disabilities are welcome at SAFEHOME’s shelter. Most rooms are of universal design, with two bedrooms specifically adapted for persons with physical disabilities.