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SAFEHOME traces its beginnings to one late evening in 1979 when Martha Hunt opened her front door to find a neighbor, bruised and bleeding, with her two small children. The young school teacher had been shoved out of a moving vehicle by her violently abusive husband. Afraid for her life and with nowhere safe to turn, the young woman came to Martha’s door for help. Finding no services in Johnson County for victims of domestic abuse, Martha organized community members creating a network of safe houses to shelter women and children in need. These first efforts were the beginning of SAFEHOME. Over time, as women learned that there was help available, the request for services grew. In 1984, a 15-bed facility was opened; in 1987, the shelter facility expanded to 29 beds. In August 2006, SAFEHOME moved into a new, 45-bed facility that provides one central location for expanded shelter, outreach counseling and administrative services.

SAFEHOME’s mission is to break the cycle of domestic violence and partner abuse for victims and their children by providing shelter, advocacy, counseling and prevention education in our community. Offering a comprehensive, holistic approach to changing – and even saving – lives, our distinctive and effective features include:

SAFEHOME opens the door to integrated care for victims of domestic violence, who typically experience multiple barriers to accessing services, by offering a no-cost, confidential clinical program and comprehensive services. SAFEHOME connects victims to coordinated care through our strong community partnerships.